Our Mission

The Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation was founded with a mission to offer programs and engage in charitable activities that promote education, recognize professional excellence and caring for others, reduce hardship, and improve the lives of Justice Federal Credit Union Members; and members and their families within affiliated law enforcement and criminal justice organizations, nonprofit associations; and the greater justice and law enforcement community.

Supporting the Justice Community

Donations to the Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation are essential to further our mission to support the justice and law enforcement community.

The Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation recognizes the individual contributions of donors in the Founders Society, as well as individual and organizational contributions of donors in the Builders Circle.

We express our sincere gratitude to our early donors whose generous contributions have enabled us to fund our initial grants.

For a limited time, the Founders Society and Builders Circle are open for additional donors who will be recognized in perpetuity.

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Our Pillars

The Foundation’s Core Pillars are to promote education, reduce hardship, and provide In Memorial grants for the justice and law enforcement community.

Promote Education

pillar Promote Education


Reduce Hardship

pillar Reduce Hardship


Improve Lives

pillar In Memorial Grants


The interplay among our three pillars is at the heart of everything we do and where we believe real impact can be made to improve the lives of many.

As we extend our reach, we will take pause to reflect and share with you what we have done, knowing there will always be more to do!

We welcome your donation to further our reach. Whether you are passionate about education, reducing hardship or improving the lives of real people, your contribution to the Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation truly can make a difference. Donate today!

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NJ police team up with Basketball Cops Foundation to give kids much-needed basketball hoop

The kids were playing basketball using a hoop that didn’t have a backboard

GARFIELD, NJ — Officers in a New Jersey city brought some joy to their community last Thursday through the game of basketball.

The department teamed up with viral police hooper and founder of the Basketball Cops Foundation, Officer Bobby White, to help out a group of kids who were playing basketball using a hoop that didn’t have a backboard.

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Give Back

Giving back to the justice and law enforcement community is important to us. Our giving story will always be core to our work as a Foundation. We will continue to travel this path by helping those in need, and communicate with you along the journey.

The Foundation could not exist without the generosity of our donors and partners. We ask that you consider making a donation to support the mission work of the Foundation. No contribution is too small. Consider a recurring donation of $1 per month, per year.

The Justice Federal Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) organization and contributions to the Foundation may be tax deductible. Tax ID Number is 81 - 4593745. Please consult a tax advisor for details regarding your personal tax situation.

The Foundation’s annual financial report is available by request to the Virginia Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.


Get involved. Every donation is vital to help strengthen the justice and law enforcement community. Through your donation, you are helping those who serve.

Together We Can Make A Difference.

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2019 Board of Directors

Thomas J. Baker, President
Roger L. Trott, Vice President
John Greaney, Secretary
Gary Penrith, Treasurer
Mark L. Robnett

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Supporting the Justice Community


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